HYDRA|DYNAMO Name, Age, Income, Birthdate, Hometown, Bike


Hey guys today we will discuss a PUBG Mobile’s Star YouTuber Streamer and Influencer Dynamo (Aadi Sawant).
Aadi namely called Dynamo his full name is Aaditya Deepak Sawant. Aadi was born on 3 June 1996 in Mumbai. Dynamo belongs to a Marathi Hindu family he is from a middle –class family. Dynamo started streaming on YouTube about 6 years ago but his channel started growing when he started streaming PUBG mobile. Dynamo also plays games like Dota 2, GTA V, Battlefield, and many more.
Name                     -              Aditya Deepak Sawant
Age                        -              23 years (3 June 1996)
Hometown             -              Mumbai
PUBG IGN            -              HYDRA|DYNAMO
PUBG ID               -              591948701
YouTube Subs        -              8 Million Plus
Dialogue                -              Patt Se Headshot
Bike                       -              Yamaha R3
Phone                     -              iPhone XSMax
Income                 -              4 to 5 Lakhs/Month

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